Breakfast Session

12th November 2018
The Events Centre 727 Collins Street #Tower 2 Docklands, VIC 3008

Events are FREE but places are limited and are EXCLUSIVE to in-house recruitment, resourcing & HR professionals.


Motivation is at the heart of success.

How can we be sure those we are assessing are in the job that is right for them?

How can we equip our people with the right skills for careers in the future? 


We are partnering with Pearsons TalentLens to explore the power of measuring an individual's levels of motivation and what impact that can have on their path to success.

This is a workshop event and you will be working in small groups to understand the tool and how assessment and motivation can fit into not only the recruitment process but the wider HR function. 

This is a great event to bring your HRD, Manager or L&D Manager to join you. Limit 2 per company. 

Presented by Psychologist and author Dr. Zwi Segal, we will be exploring in a workshop format, how you can bring assessment and mapping into your organisation to answer the above questions. 

Dr Segal will be introducing  Motiva is a breakthrough assessment and mapping solution that brings together motivational research to answer both of these questions.

It maps a person's individual interests and motivations to a live database of over 1000 jobs that exist in the current market. An exciting opportunity to meet and hear from one of the thought leaders in this field, this introductory workshop will make you rethink how career planning aligns with the future of work.

The Breakfast Sessions are an opportunity to get together and discuss and learn about a hyper niche challenge within recruitment. The workshop format allows for key learning and takeaways to inform your recruitment strategy and align with our ultimate purpose to make recruitment better for everyone.