Building Direct Resourcing Capabilities (Sydney)

22nd February 2018
Kittyhawk, Sydney

This event looks at the benefits of direct resourcing and how a company can use it effectively to recruit the best talent.

Thanks to social media and the many ways that are being developed to attract and nurture talent, employers have access to the same potential candidate pools as 3rd party recruiters. Yet, many employers are still not embracing the obvious benefits of being able to source their candidates directly. Direct resourcing allows employers to deliver the employer brand message/experience that is true to them, instead of a representation from a 3rd party recruiter.

Events are FREE but places are limited and are EXCLUSIVE to in-house recruitment, resourcing & HR professionals. 



GUEST SPEAKER - Kushal Wijesundera - Group Talent Manager at Credit Corp

At Credit Corp, Kushal heads the recruitment and talent function for multiple locations, including North America and the Philippines. He has built strategic sourcing functions, internal executive search offerings and built entire TA processes including the delivery of an ATS, psychometric testing, video interviews and assessment. He will join us to share his journey, as he has huge recruitment targets to meet with Credit Corp growing so rapidly.



GUEST SPEAKER SPONSOR - Mike Beeley, CEO of Lightbox Communications

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Our sponsor for this event is Lightbox Communications, a consulting agency specialising in HR Communications. We work with direct employers in both the private and public sectors, and the recruitment firms that help them find their next stars, to clarify and deliver their employment communications. 
Mike has spent the last 30+ years helping global and local organisations understand their EVP and how to market their employment proposition to their target audiences through traditional and emerging media. Mike has helped organisations across all industries in the private and public sectors, showing them how to build the skills and resources to ‘farm’ talent through employer branding and talent experience management. He is a regular speaker in Australia and overseas on how talent acquisition and retention can form the backbone of a good Workforce Plan.
He will be taking us through his essentials list of EVP to EB services – from Workforce Plan, Talent Mapping, EVP development, creative, message matrix and delivery, through to Attribution and sourcing channel performance management.

This event will cover: 

  • The potential of a direct sourcing model
  • Creating and managing talent pools and talent pipelines
  • How automating your process can add real benefits, from attraction through to reference checks and onboarding.


  • 09:00 Welcome & Introduction
  • 09:30 Facilitated Meetings
  • 12:30 Sit Down Lunch
  • 13:30 Guest Speaker
  • 15:15 Roundtable Discussion
  • 15:50 Summary & Takeaways
  • 16:00 Open Networking w/Drinks

Events are FREE but places are limited and are EXCLUSIVE to in-house recruitment, resourcing & HR professionals. 


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