How Recruitment Technology Can Improve Your Hires (Sydney)

21st February 2019
Sydney CBD - TBC.

Events are FREE but places are limited and are EXCLUSIVE to in-house recruitment, resourcing & HR professionals.



How Recruitment Technology Can Improve Your Hires

The recruitment and HR industry has a reputation for being very slow when it comes to the adoption of new technology.

There has been debate around whether AI is in recruitment yet or are we talking machine learning.

No matter what it is, you can enjoy the benefits of new innovative technologies, especially when there are so many new products available today that can help improve all aspects of the recruitment lifecycle

This event takes a look at which recruitment technologies you need to be considering this year. We will cover:

  • Discover the changing candidate behaviours that are driving innovation in recruitment technologies. Learn which of these your company needs to consider to maintain your recruiting effectiveness.

  • Love them or hate them, the ATS is at the core of a good recruitment process. There are now some exciting ATS vendors that are discarding tradition and integrating new technologies and tools into the recruitment process.

  • Assessment - gamification, VR, and getting great decisions from data.

  • Chatbots - where they add value and how to keep them human.

  • Video should be an intrinsic part of your recruitment strategy. Understand more about the different ways video can enhance different parts of your recruitment process.

  • Automation - take the ‘ugh’ out of those tasks that take us away from finding and talking to those great candidates.

  • What is next? Learn which new recruitment technologies are around the corner?

The day

Our events are the most enjoyable way for in-house recruiters to learn about new technology, build a community of talent acquisition specialists and experience 'a-ha' moments. The confidential and friendly environment gives in-house recruiters a forum to talk shop and learn from like-minded professionals. 

Using roundtable discussions and facilitated meetings, you have the space to network, learn and talk. We love to see you have those 'aha' moments and find something to take back that you can action immediately!

Roundtable Discussion - An open forum for in-house recruitment, resourcing & talent acquisition specialists.

Speed Meetings - Individual short introductions with some of Australia's leading technology and service companies.


09:00 Welcome & Introduction

09:30 Facilitated Meetings

12:30 Sit Down Lunch

13:30 Guest Speaker

14:15 Roundtable Discussion

14:45 Guest Speaker

15:15 Roundtable Discussion

15:50 Summary & Takeaways

16:00 Open Networking w/ Drinks

The event offers

  • Consultations from market-leading experts (facilitated meeting format)

  • Access to a roundtable discussion with industry peers and in-house speakers

  • Delicious lunch and informal networking

  • Post-event networking drinks with industry peers

Who should attend?

Our events are aimed at the Recruitment Manager level and above. You are welcome to bring two people per company. We encourage the manager level to bring a more junior team member for great learning and networking.

Please note these events are EXCLUSIVE to in-house recruitment, resourcing & HR professionals.

No agencies, please.

RPO are welcome if they are representing their client.

If you are a vendor and wish to partner with The Recruitment Events Co. please contact or call 0474 182 148